Three minute sample from "The Contaminated Void"

Today we can offer you all a three minute sample from "The Contaminated Void". It's a collage of bits and pieces from six or seven songs from the album. Not a complete song but little samples, enough to make you thirsty for more!

Download the three minute sampler (mp3, 320 kbs, 6 MB)

Enjoy this sample and let us know what you think in the comments.

There will be more exciting Coldworker news very soon, so remember to return frequently!


Posted: July 24 2006, 17:58:49
Holy shit! Fucking great! I want the whole now
Posted: July 19 2006, 00:24:09
Wow ...
I think I have to change pants right now ...
The Sound is Amazing
Thumbs Up Guys
Posted: July 18 2006, 15:42:30
Anders Jakobson, Coldworker
Such info will come soon...
Posted: July 18 2006, 15:08:42
At last I hear the vocals that I have been expecting for so long, and it sounds great. So is there any releasedate for the album yet, cause im jumping all the way to the ceiling from sheer excitement.
Posted: July 16 2006, 18:46:03
Anders Jakobson, Coldworker
Två gitarrer genom en Triple Rectifier och två genom en 5150, Tubescreamer på alla. Läs studiodagboken för mer detaljer.
Posted: July 16 2006, 18:30:08
Fy satan vad fläskigt! Jag som trodde dödsmetallen var död (öh..)... ni har bevisat motsatsen.

Ruskigt feta gitarrer måste jag säga... vad använde ni för amps, pedaler, etc?
Posted: July 16 2006, 15:10:04
Shit! Jag säger då det.. Ni har verkligen lyckats med detta måste jag säga. Garanterat den bästa dödsmetallen jag hört på ruskigt länge. Hade inte ens kunnat föreställa mig detta! Skitbra, verkligen!
Posted: July 16 2006, 12:13:42
In one word, awesome! It looks like I have a new band to add to my favorites of all time. Keep up the good work!

Ah! and the guitar work is astonishing! I can't realy focus on the other instruments righ now, when I'm listening the mp3 :P
Posted: July 15 2006, 17:30:25
Oskar Pålsson, Coldworker
Säger du Cannibalvibbar så tackar jag bara och tar emot eftersom det är ett av mina favoritband :) Vi är dock rätt långt ifrån lika tekniska som dom dårarna är! Iaf än så länge :P
Posted: July 15 2006, 12:05:53
Lät ju trevligt det där ju! Ser fram emot skivan! Vet att det är lite löjligt med liknelser.. men anar jag lite cannibal corpse vibbar...?
Posted: July 13 2006, 22:09:20
No I have been listening to it constantly since last night.
The little we can here from "An Unforgiving Season" sounds so fucking evil, almost scares one:)
Posted: July 13 2006, 00:44:25
Fyfan grabbar, det här låter sjukt bra! Måste bara hålla med det alla andra säger. Denna skiva blir en av årets starkare utgivelser! Ser fram emot att höra resten snart!
Posted: July 12 2006, 22:57:27
Fyyyfaaaan vad bra det här var.
Snyggt jobbat.
Posted: July 12 2006, 21:49:42
The Time Has COME......................................................

Wow this stuff sounds great, the vocals are killer good. Who knew that the dork (lol) in the suit could produce such guttural sounds, nice work Joel!

Kudos to you guys on such great sounding music in such a short peroid of time. This is honestly the most anticipated album of the year for me.

Cheers to you on a job well done!
Posted: July 12 2006, 21:28:25
Wow! This sounds like it could be one more challenger for the title "2006- Album of the year". 2006 has been a great year musicwise so far, don't you think? And there are still a few really good albums yet to be released.
Great work guys! Joel, brutal singing!
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