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T-shirt meassurements S M L XL
cm in cm in cm in cm in
Chest (pit to pit) 49 19,3 52 20,5 56 22 58 22,8
Side (pit to waist) 42 16,5 42 16,5 47 18,5 48 18,9
Front (neck to waist) 64 25,2 66 26 68 26,7 70 27,5

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the doomsayer's call cd

The third album with 13 full blasting death metal songs.

"This is rhythm and speed, with precious few melodic licks, uniformly barked vocals, and a vibe that gets under your skin with a small, but potent, arsenal of barbed riffs and razorwire-tight changes. They sell it with pure adrenaline and conviction, mainlining you with blunt aggression, and they bury their hooks in your cerebrum with just enough songwriting to keep you on your toes. Clean, clear, steely grind with chops galore, the right amount of breathing space, and scads of riffs that'll bring out the ol' primal urge to smash the shit out of shit."

Price (including p & p):
Sweden: SALE! 80 SEK
Europe: SALE! 12 EUR
World: SALE! 17 USD

the doomsayer's call t-shirt

Black t-shirt with multiple colored print "The Doomsayer's Call" print.


  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • X-large
  • 12
  • 6
  • 5
  • 11

Price (including p & p):
Sweden: SALE! 70 SEK
Europe: SALE! 9 EUR
World: SALE! 13 USD

split 7'' ep with deathbound

Split 7" with Deathbound on the flip side. Two exclusive songs from the "Rotting Paradise" session, "Identify with the Aggressor" and "Cold World Paranoia".

Price (including p & p):
Sweden: 35 kr
Europe: 6
World: $8 USD

rotting paradise lp

The second LP. Comes in a glorious gatefold cover.

Available in three vinyl colors (all equally rare):
Yellow (300 copies made)
Red (300 copies made)
White with red splatter (300 copies made)

Price (including p & p):
Sweden: 100 kr
Scandinavia/Europe: 17
Rest of the world: $24 USD

the contaminated void cd

The first album, with the infamous "vellum" booklet. 14 tracks of full blasting death metal, Coldworker style.

"The Contaminated Void's fourteen tracks swarm with equal parts crushing riffs, blazing speed, and menacing vocal onslaughts. Outrageously agile guitars balance melodic leads with relentless aggression. From start to finish, The Contaminated Void burns with a ferocity and intensity rarely seen in any genre of metal."

Price (including p & p):
Sweden: 70 kr
Scandinavia/Europe: 9
Rest of the world: $13 USD