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Posted: July 10 2011, 12:40:39
Joel Fornbrant, Coldworker

Thank you! And don't worry, the upcoming album will be plenty brutal. South America would be awesome. Who knows?
Posted: July 5 2011, 22:35:00
David from Ecuador
Hello guys! your work it´s simply awesome and i´m waiting for the new album, i´d like to hear something brutal such as the contaminated void album. i love your music and i hope to see you someday not too distant for south america. greetings & good luck!!!
Posted: April 30 2011, 16:12:36
Joel Fornbrant, Coldworker

We would love to go there, so hopefully we can make it happen in a not too distant future. No clue about when it could be though.
Posted: April 26 2011, 04:54:50
Can't wait for the new album. I'm in Canada. Any chance of a North American tour for 2011?
Posted: December 22 2010, 00:42:07
Anders Jakobson, Coldworker
Thanks! Yes, I did all the design and stuff, like with the previous versions of
Posted: December 20 2010, 01:54:36
Jordan J.
New site layout looks fucking great. Did Anders J. happen to be involved in the design? I read he works with web design/creation, etc.
Stoked for the new album.. it's about bloody time.
Posted: September 28 2010, 17:25:02
Anders Jakobson, Coldworker
Update coming soon...
Posted: September 13 2010, 13:14:09
Not much news here. What is happening with thee band?
Posted: May 26 2010, 00:42:56
Anders Jakobson, Coldworker
Klart du vågar, vi kommer ju att bjussa på en helt ny stänkare. Bara en sådan sak. Det är dock större risk för regn än brudar...
Posted: May 25 2010, 15:54:39
Törs man gå till stadsparken på lördag tro, eller kommer alla brudarna.
Posted: April 15 2010, 20:21:08
Oskar Pålsson, Coldworker
Rafael: We are working on new stuff. Got a couple of new songs done and are working on some more.
Posted: April 15 2010, 09:09:59
rafael from brasil
Hello, great job guys!! the cd´s are awesome!! next album are coming soon??
se ya
Posted: February 26 2010, 15:55:57
Oskar Pålsson, Coldworker
Jag ska piska Anders med en kokt lax tills han loggar in och kollar mejlen.
Posted: February 17 2010, 19:03:09
mattias lindh
hej hej

försöker beställa t shirts med coldworker men det verkar inte komma ngt mail till er ....hur ska jag göra ???
Posted: October 25 2009, 23:51:59
Hi guys! Please make tab for Contaminated Void it's a great song I want to play it very much but it's hard to play it by ear. Only beginning I can understand.
Posted: September 2 2009, 11:44:14
Anders Jakobson, Coldworker
The split 7" EP will soon be added to the discography page with lyrics, info and linernotes. Unfortunately there was a missunderstanding with the artwork for the split as we designed a "second page" with all the lyrics and stuff but apparently it's not included in the final release.
Posted: August 26 2009, 15:22:39
Oskar Pålsson, Coldworker
The Coldworker/Deathbound-split contains of two songs from the RP-sessions that did not make it onto the album. I dont really know about the Deathboundsongs, but I believe that they are new songs recorded for this split.

send an email to

Posted: August 19 2009, 12:01:17

If I'd like to do an email interview with the band who shall I contact?

And another question: I bought a new 7" of the band, but I couldn't find any official information about it. Can you please share something about it? (It's a split with Deathbound).

Thannk, and cheers!

Posted: July 6 2009, 13:00:31
Anders Jakobson, Coldworker
Sure, the guitars leak into drums, but as it's only a demo for our own use it doesn't matter, and it's really not audible when you compress and mix the recording.
Posted: July 1 2009, 12:14:26
Sorry if I ask to much questions ;)
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